Improve The Way You Do Business

There is a saying: If you do not change, everything remains the same! It is proven Fact That's Right, It's For You! , that Installing GPS Tracking creates change, which reflects on your bottom line.

Get More Done In Less Time

By knowing where your vehicles are at any time, you can plan better and deploy the nearest vehicle to service that customer. You have a 360 degree birds eye view of your business.

Cut Operating Costs, Fuel and Overtime

Time seems to marculaously appear when GPS Tracking is installed. The GMT Track Master System naturally eliminates ‘Long Lunches’, ‘Private Jobs’ and unnecessary long customer visits.

Eliminate The Blind Spot In Your SME Business! The #1 Selling Plug & Play GPS Tracking System Is Here!

With 1,000’s Of Users and counting Low Cost To Implement! , GMT Track Master is the right choice for you! It’s That Simple! GMT Track Master is the most complete and trusted We Love Our Users! GPS Tracking System on the market.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Super Low Cost Implementation!

Eliminate the blind spot Get A 360 Degree View Of Your Field Staff Activities! in your business today. Know exactly where your staff are, what they are doing and where they have been.
Field Staff are now accountable, and will be more productive. You will know when they visited the customer and how long they were there. Their record proves it.
  • Plug & Play Tracking for Smaller Van/Car Fleets.
  • Integrated Tracking for Larger Truck Fleets.
  • You know where your office staff are… Now know where your field staff are.
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Latest News!

  • GMT Release Notes June 2014

GMT Release Notes June 2014

  • July 11th, 2014

Release Notes June 2014
Enhancement: Routing Color Feature
Benefit to Users:
This Enhancement adds […]

  • GMT Release Notes May 2014

GMT Release Notes May 2014

  • July 11th, 2014

Enhancement: History Replay Print with Filters
Benefit to Users:
This Enhancement to the […]

Super Low Cost Implementation!

We at GMT Track Master are now offering Lots of Them! Plug and Play Vehicle Tracking for your fleet. No Installation Costs, No Setup Fees…Just plug the device into your vehicle, Login and you are up and running in under 5 minutes. It’s that SIMPLE!

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If you think Vehicle Tracking is not affordable, then think again. In fact, the €€€ you save, MORE THAN covers the cost of implementing it, resulting in improved productivity and lowered costs. !

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This is a small sample of the Amazing Tools To Track Your Vehicles

  • Live Tracking
  • Historic Replay
  • 20+ Powerful Reports
  • Report Emailed: Daily|Weekly|Monthly
  • Alerts: SMS|Email|Pop-Up
  • Dispatch: Jobs(Garmin Intergration)
  • Unlimited Geo Fencing: Polygon|Circle
  • Live Tracking Sharing
  • Nearest Vehicle Deployment
  • Route Geo Fence – Keep to specific routes
  • Track From Your Smart Phone | Tablet
  • Driver Identification
  • 40 + More features to save you money

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GMT Track Master is here to help you save, time, money & Fuel!

Loaded with awesome features, simple to use. It gives you a 360 degree view of your field staff!

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